Blog 20th of May 2021

Welcome to the family, new super reference!

De Brabandere Brewery welcomes a new super reference: Bavik Super Wit.

Header Bavik Super Wit

We welcome a new super reference: Bavik Super Wit!

The not-so-secret super powers of this Belgian wheat beer?

Orange zest and coriander are ground and added just before the end of the brewing process. Bam! Instant extra punch & intensity in your glass. Deliciously thirst-quenching and refreshing.

Our new super reference has everything to pleasantly surprise the lovers of wheat beer during the coming summer period.

The super label was designed in line with - of course - the Bavik Super Pils reference. The light blue color reflects the refreshing character of this wheat beer.

Bavik Super Wit is available in both cans, bottles and kegs. What are you waiting for?

Bavik Super Wit can

Proudly replaces Wittekerke

Bavik Super Wit was born from the former Wittekerke. A while ago, De Brabandere Brewery decided to give Wittekerke a thorough rebranding. The recipe was adapted to the contemporary taste profile of consumers and the brand was given a new look and feel. The beer will henceforth go through life under the name Bavik Super Wit.

Wittekerke Rosé will keep the same look and feel.