Bavik Super Pils,
the best social network

What’s happening with our social lives? We have followers, we share, like and swipe all day long, we don’t give each other a moment’s peace but oh dear, what if there's no Wi-Fi?
Oh no!!!

True friends are friends who look you in the eye. Who make faces and make noise as you talk to them, exchange ideas, have fun, share your problems and joys, make small talk, reminisce and joke over a good pint of beer!

Preferably a fresh draft beer in your favourite pub, on the sofa, at a summer festival, everywhere people “really” want to meet.

To friendship!
To the best social network!

Discover the beer

Natural flavour, strong character.

1894 was a very special year: it was the year when the one true Bavik Super Pils was born. And the Bavik Super Pils has made its own way to quality and taste ever since.

5.2% Alcohol
Fermentation Bottom fermentation.
Beer style Lager.
Colour and clarity Pale yellow, filtered until clear, unpasteurised.
Aroma and flavour Crisp and pleasantly smooth (hops). Full-bodied character with a fresh bitterness.
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Exceptional brewing process.

Bavik Super Pils obtains its unique taste and aroma from its exceptional brewing process.

No dilution takes place and a full flavour is ensured by mixing all ingredients and the water at once in the brewing hall.

De Brabandere brewery consciously opts for aroma hops, although they are much more expensive than bitter hops. This gives the beer a refined bitterness and a refreshing aroma.

Natural clarity and flavour stability are ensured by 8 days of fermentation and 30 days of cold lagering.

Hygienic production makes pasteurisation unnecessary, which results in a unique and natural flavour sensation! Why pasteurise if you can guarantee a hygienic brewing process? Those four elements result in this unique pilsner.

Never compromise on taste!

Wall of fame

It’s all about sharing. Let’s share some real memories.

Between hashtags and friendship requests, we hardly take the time to really talk anymore. Let’s go back to basics. Meet up with your real friends, enjoy the little things and experience the pure taste of Bavik Super Pils. Make time to really get to know each other. Discover our one and only Wall of Fame and relive those unforgettable moments.

Sponsoring of your best social network.

No more connecting through the internet, no more scrolling through your feed, no more swiping through your different matches. Time for the real world. Time to really get to know each other. No better place for this than your event or activity. Together with you, Bavik Super Pils likes to lure people out.

Bavik Super Pils sponsors both large-scale public events and local initiatives for charities or clubs. Do you need more info or would you like to apply all of a sudden? Feel free to click on the button.

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Go outside.
Have a beer.
Enjoy it with your real friends.